Vertex LLC offers a completion certificate for each phase of program participation that is recognized by all state agencies and criminal justice entities.

Young Man in Therapy

Adolescent Assistance Program

Helping the youth in the community stay on the right path.

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Anger Management

Is a modality, specifically tailored for individuals to learn to recognize their feelings of frustration, vulnerability, or powerlessness, and how to manage their reactions positively.

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Domestic Violence Program

Is tailored for individuals in an abusive relationship. It provides the tools necessary to break the cycle of domestic violence/abuse, through education, safety plans, behavioral modification, and the effect on children/adolescent.

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DWI/DUI Assessments

The goal of this program is to address patterns of behavior and develop an action plan that could reduce future driving violations.

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Parenting Group

An educational course tailored for parents/custodians, who are in the legal process child removal or reuniting with their child/ren.

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Conflict Resolution

Teaches adolescents the skills to negotiate disagreements/conflicts before it escalates and have negative consequences.

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Matrix Relapse Prevention Group

Geared for participants to learn to build a strong and healthy substance free lifestyle.

Group Meeting

Wellness for the Future- Smoking Cessation Group

Geared for participants to learn how to recognize addictive behaviors that leads to smoking and equip them with tools to reduce the craving/use.

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Freedom Group: Specific Criminal Justice Track

Geared for participants who have been involved in the criminal justice system and to assist with behavioral changes.

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Individual Counseling

Providing the participants with a safe environment to understand and examine traumas, and various aspects of life and develop necessary skills to build healthier behaviors and relationships.

Couples Therapy

Family Counseling

Family counseling will assist the participant and their family members/life partners to improve their relationships with each other.

Therapy Session

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a modality used to provide multiple participants with a shared and safe space to discuss similar experiences.

Therapy Session

Medically Assisted Treatment

MAT is a medication management program in conjunction with our outpatient services to effectively assist participant with long term recovery and prevention of relapse.

Psychologist's Office

NYC Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Recovery

Substance abuse counseling provides participants with a combination of treatment and support to address the individual’s substance use, drug or alcohol addiction.