Zoya Gornopolsky, Founder and President

The struggle of helping a loved one can be overwhelming. Not knowing how to maneuver through the Criminal Justice system, find the right type of help because of language and cultural barriers can be frustrating and at times even hopeless. The effects on a child/ren can be traumatizing and long lasting. Recovery is not only for the addict, but recovery is for family members and friends that are affected deeply. I wanted a place that would just take time to listen to the family member or friend and walk them through the recovery process so that they would continue helping their love ones…


Elizabeth Torres, Clinical Director

Here at Vertex observing patients embracing the stages of change towards recovery is memorable and fascinating at the same time. We know that addiction is not about self will but a disease of the body and mind. With the right tools, resources and support one can get better. Here at Vertex we provide a comprehensive program that incorporates just that the recipe for success: a sober and active life, living life  to its fullest again and most of all enjoying life again. Welcome to your new future.


Paul Henderson, Executive Director

Often times people who are caught up in an addictive lifestyle, do not realize all the people who love them and how their behavior is effecting their family and acquaintances. Vertex can also assist in the family healing. Recovery starts with one person and then, illuminates throughout your circle.